ExpertFORUM Labelling - Digital product information, structured data and safety labelling-

- Electronic product information (ePI)
- Structured data - required for IDMP
- Labelling challenges in the marketing authorisation
- Safety labelling and educational material
- End-to-end labelling - what is required for inspections
- Digital medical information

We all experienced digitalisation in one way or another in 2020. This also pushed the issue of digital product information in the healthcare sector. An EU Common Standard will be developed as part of the ePI project, a major project now entering a new phase.
This conference addresses digital project information and the necessity for structured data. It also focuses on medical information, marketing authorisation and safety labelling.
Don't miss this labelling conference that provides the latest on labelling and digital product information. Digital transformation has only just begun!


Datum: 20.10.2021
Ort: Online

- Online
Preis: 1.490,00 EUR zzgl. MwSt.


This conference addresses the needs of individuals involved in product information in regulatory affairs, medical affairs and pharmacovigilance.
It provides useful updates on the relevant trends in digitalisation, safety labelling and much more. A working knowledge of product information is a prerequisite.



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