Medical Devices in Russia and the EAEU - Hurdling through the red tape?

- Current regulatory framework in Russia and the EAEU
- Explaining the complexity: How to register and certify your medical device
- Mandatory documents and certificates
- Management of changes and amendments of dossiers
- How to treat an authority in the right way

Starting January 2016, common regulations set by the Eurasian Economic Union for the registration of medical devices came into force. And since 2013, a new highly complex law for medical devices was released in Russia and the Ukraine.

The aim of the seminar is to give you a qualified overview of the legislation, different registration strategies in Russia and EAEU member states and how your business might be improved. Learn more about the highest Russian authority Roszdravnadzor and EAEU mutual recognition procedure.

After having attended the seminar you will know how to currently handle registration and distribution in Russia, Belarus, and Kazakhstan, and which legislation changes are still pending.


Datum: 28.02.2018
Ort: relexa hotel
Lurgiallee 2
-60439 Frankfurt
Preis: 990,00 EUR zzgl. MwSt.


This unique seminar addresses the needs of employees in the healthcare industry who intend to register, export, manufacture medical devices to or in Russia and the Eurasian Economic Unit. (EAEU) or plan a market access.
Those involved in:
- regulatory and quality affairs
- product management and marketing
- market access and sales
- export and business development
will particularly benefit from the speakers' first-hand expertise.



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