Medical Devices in the Middle East + North Africa (MENA) - Marketing authorisation for medical devices in the key Middle East + North African markets

- Legal complexity in Saudi Arabia, United Arabian Emirates and Egypt
- Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) marketing authorisation - essential documents and approval process
- Company registration and product export to Iran
- Registration of medical devices by the Iranian FDA
- Crucial changes to the regulatory requirements in the Maghreb region

The MENA market presents a challenging yet
exciting opportunity for foreign players.

In our seminar, you will
- learn more about demographic and economic key indicators;
- get a better picture of the regulatory framework for medical devices in the key countries, and
- understand how to best access the medical devices market in the MENA.

Please join us for a unique meeting with industry experts from Jordan and Lebanon.
You are invited to take this opportunity to get a thorough update in one day on:

- Marketing authorisation
- Company registration
- Product importation and market access
- Product maintenance


Datum: 27.02.2018
Ort: relexa hotel
Lurgiallee 2
-60439 Frankfurt
Preis: 990,00 EUR zzgl. MwSt.


This unique seminar addresses the needs of employees in the healthcare industry who intend to register/export/manufacture medical devices to/in MENA countries.

Those involved in:
- business development
- regulatory affairs
- market access
- export

will particularly benefit from the speakers‘ first-hand expertise.

The seminar will be held in English!



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