Medical Writing in Pharmacovigilance - Update your English writing skills - with many exercises!

- Key pharmacovigilance definitions and concepts
- Scientific, technical or lay language
- Risk management plan: Contents, structure + requirements
- Development + Periodic safety update reports: Practical exercises
- Common pitfalls

This two-day workshop provides an intro-
duction to medical writing for pharmaco-
vigilance, as well as insights into several
relevant safety documents. You will learn
regulatory requirements and how to apply
guidelines to prepare pharmacovigilance

In addition, you will learn important
aspects of writing and interdisciplinary
preparation of pharmacovigilance docu-
ments through practical exercises. You will
also learn about style and terminology for
pharmacovigilance documents (for regula-
tory, medical and lay public) and will receive
tips from experts' practical experience.


Datum: 04.06.2019
Ort: Mercure Hotel MOA Berlin
Stephanstr. 41
-10559 Berlin
Preis: 1.690,00 EUR zzgl. MwSt.


This workshop is intended for those who work in the pharmaceutical industry and are new to pharmacovigilance writing. Participants should have some basic knowledge of the drug development process, of regulatory documentation and of pharmacovigilance.



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