Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Arzneimittel and Mercachem update on drug development collaborations

(03.04.2012, Pharma-Zeitung.de) Bielefeld, Germany & Nijmegen, the Netherlands – 14 March 2012. Dr. August Wolff GmbH & Co. KG Arzneimittel and Mercachem have reached important milestones in two drug development collaborations. In both projects in vivo proof of concept has been shown, moreover in one of them a preclinical candidate has been nominated. The development projects involve novel classes of molecules with potential use in dermatology.

‘We are of course very glad we have met the milestones defined for both projects. In particular, we are happy with the nomination of the preclinical candidate as a result of our efforts in lead optimization, since the agreed timeline for reaching this milestone was quite ambitious. The nominated compound is a molecule with three chiral centers for which we have managed to design a stereo-selective route with high yield.’ says Frank Leemhuis, Managing Director of Mercachem, ‘We believe that we have lived up to expectations for delivering high quality work and synthesizing complex novel molecules with drug-like properties.’.

Professor Christoph Abels, Medical Director, comments: ‘We are impressed by the problem-solving skills of Mercachem’s scientists. Both project teams are highly dedicated and committed to their project. Synthesis of all stereoisomers of one of our initial hits with three chiral centers and development of a highly stereoselective synthetic route for the most active stereoisomer in a short period of time clearly reflects Mercachem’s outstanding expertise in synthetic organic chemistry. This milestone facilitates a straight forward development. Toxicology can be initiated this year and a first clinical proof of concept following topical application will thus be very likely obtained in the second quarter of 2013’.

Über Mercachem B.V.

Mercachem is a privately owned leading European contract research organization offering innovative chemistry, medicinal chemistry and early process research services to accelerate the drug discovery and development process in a flexible and cost-effective way. Mercachem was founded in 1997, occupies 3,500 m2 state-of-the-art research facilities in Nijmegen and employs approximately 100 chemists. Working for many pharmaceutical and biotech companies throughout the world, Mercachem is recognized for its high-quality products and services and its unprecedented problem solving capabilities. More information on Mercachem can be found on the company website (www.mercachem.com).

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