Most Reliable Results with Inert BioClean Pipette Tips

(20.03.2009, Until now, contamination-free or even sterile pipette tips were thought to have no effect on experiment results. A recent Science publication shows that this is not true if bioactive reagents, often utilized by tip manufacturers, are used as additives in the plastic itself. RAININ’s BioClean tips have been proven to be free of additives, and therefore to be 100% inert for most reliable results.

Oakland/Greifensee: For successful experiments, pipette tips have to be completely inert and must not interfere with samples in any way. To achieve this, being contamination-

free is no longer enough. Pipette tips also need to be free of any bioactive components.

Many products on the market are labeled as 100% contamination-free or

sterile, but a recent Science publication [1] shows that even these tips can compromise

the outcome of scientific work.

In the paper, a scientific team working on a series of molecular biology experiments observed negative results. After checking all possible options they determined that their lack of reliable results were due to specific inhibitors that were associated with the “virgin polypropylene” tip products, purchased from major manufacturers, that were used in the experiments.

Mass spectroscopy analysis of material that washed out from the tubes and tips indicated two products from the manufacturing process that were the likely inhibiting candidates – these were a detergent and a releasing agent (oleamide and DiHEMDA) commonly used by manufacturers of polypropylene accessories.

Independent external analysis of RAININ BioClean tips, using the same method employed in the Science paper to extract and determine the contaminants, showed zero contamination by the two inhibiting molecules.

The absence of bioactive components in the materials, in combination with the proven

avoidance of external contaminants (DNA, DNAse, RNAse, ATP, Pyrogens, or PCR Inhibitors) in the production and packaging process, ensures that high-quality RAININ BioClean tips are completely inert and do not influence experimental outcome in any way. For best lab performance and most reliable results.

More information

[1] McDonald, G., Hudson, A., Dunn, S., You, H., Baker, G., Whittal, R., Martin, J., Jha, A., Edmondson, D., and A. Holt. 2008. Bioactive Contaminants Leach from Disposable Laboratory Plasticware.

Science 332(5903): 917.

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RAININ is the leading provider of advanced liquid handling solutions for scientists worldwide. Its unique “Pipetting 360°” approach enhances the performance of laboratories by improving experiment accuracy and repeatability through innovative pipettes, tips, and service programs.

RAININ offers the broadest selection of hand-friendly pipettes, bioclean tips, and related services, designed to work as an efficient integral system. Through a dedicated sales and service organization, RAININ provides an optimal solution directly to its customers.

Founded in 1963, RAININ is based near San Francisco, USA, with local offices worldwide. RAININ is a METTLER TOLEDO Company.

More about RAININ’s BioClean Tips:

RAININ high-grade bioclean tips, part of the unique “Pipetting 360°” approach, ensure top pipetting performance through innovative design and high quality production. Manufactured under clean-room conditions, these flawless tips are 100% inert, preventing experiment inconsistencies and failures. With a wide array of tips, available in a variety of feature-sets, volume ranges and packaging options, to select from, scientists can always work with the optimal application-specific pipetting system.

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