Innovative Dosage Forms in Pharmaceutical Development and Production

(20.12.2012, HDT-Conference on innovative dosage forms in the pharma industry in cooperation with Evonik Industries and Losan Pharma

On March 21 2013 Haus der Technik will host the “Innovative Dosage Forms in Pharmaceutical Development and Production” conference in Essen, Germany.

The main focus of the conference is on innovative technologies such as the application of nanoparticulate systems or formulations containing Hot Melt Extrudates during the development and production of pharmaceutical drugs.

Experienced specialists with top expertise, under the chairmanship of Dr. Matthias Rischer (Losan Pharma GmbH, Neuenburg) and Dr. Norbert Windhab (Evonik Industries AG, Darmstadt), will present their theoretical observations within the context of their long-standing practical experience.

Furthermore the conference contains the following contents:

- Hot Melt Technology
- Nanoparticulate systems
- Particle size measurement
- Dissolution set-up and media
- Scale-up
- PLGA and Polymer-systems
- Depot formulations
- Process development
- Process efficacy
- Poorly soluble drug substances
- Stability
- High active compounds

During the course the particle size measurement, dissolution set-up and media are discussed and even the process development for immediate, delayed and sustained release formulations for oral application. The use of the correct polymers for a target release profile will be specifically discussed. Finally, several case studies from the industrial practice will give a good over- view of the advantages of these innovative technologies compared to the conventional techniques especially for poorly soluble compounds.

The conference is aimed at members of the pharmaceutical industry working in R&D, production and analytical development, members of Universities, Universities of applied sciences working in pharmaceutical technology, analytical or process development.
The conference will be completely in English.

A detailed conference programme is available from Haus der Technik
Tel. +49.(0)201.1803 237 (Mrs. Senft)

Über Haus der Technik e.V.

Established in Essen in 1927, Haus der Technik (HDT) is the oldest German institution for technical advanced and further education. It is an external institute of RWTH Aachen University since 1946.

Today HDT is one of the leading hosts for seminars, conferences and congresses for senior managerial staff from business, administration and industry.

Annually, approximately 16.000 participants visit HDT´s facilities in the original company building in Essen and the subsidiaries in Berlin and Munich. Selected events are held not only here, but also on site at national and international enterprises and institutions all over the world.

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